SCF Soy Sauce is made through 100% Natural Fermentation.
We persist on producing only 100% naturally fermented soy sauce with the finest ingredients
(non-GMO soy bean, wheat flour, salt and purified water) and with a high level of awareness on
hygiene and sanitation during the long period of fermentation.
Our Soy Sauce has a naturally rich and mellow aroma which enrich your oriental cuisine at
home or at your restaurant.
Our business began in 1970, we learn and continuously improve our product quality over
these long period of years.
Our are joyful to share with you our loyal customers' responses on using our soy sauce for
their joyful and happy cooking.
We distribute our Soy Sauce in Malaysia under our house brands, we welcome good business partners from oversea
for marketing our products in your country. We may sell our products in bulk pack for re-packing in your area under our
house brand or your private label. Alternately, we can pack under your private labels and ship to you ready for
Our Other Products and Services
We also produce fruits & vegetables base sauces like Fermented Soybean, Chili Sauce, Tomato Sauce, Sweet &
Sour Sauce, Steam Fish Sauce, Sarawak Pepper, Fresh Fruit Juices and Purees, etc.
Sin Cheong Foh Sdn Bhd